Elga Hydrashear 2m x 3mm


Elga Hydrashear 2m x 3mm

Brentwood, United Kingdom


Elga Hydrashear 2m x 3mm Power Back Gauge Front Support Arms & Squaring Arm Foot Pedal Spare Blades The Elga Hydrashear 2m x 3mm is a hydraulic guillotine machine used for cutting sheet metal with high precision and accuracy. The machine is designed with a cutting length of 2 meters and a maximum cutting capacity of 3mm for mild steel. It is equipped with a hydraulic system that drives the cutting blade, which is guided by a set of adjustable backgauge fingers to ensure accurate cutting at the desired length. The Elga Hydrashear also features a user-friendly control panel for easy operation and adjustment of cutting parameters. Overall, the Elga Hydrashear 2m x 3mm is a reliable and efficient cutting solution for various metal fabrication applications.


Stock NumberEP0241