Colchester Bantam 1600 Centre Lathe

Colchester Bantam 1600 Centre Lathe

£2,000 (GBP)

Brentwood, United Kingdom

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The Colchester Bantam 1600 centre lathe is a versatile machine used for turning, facing, drilling, boring, and threading operations on a variety of materials, including metal, plastic, and wood. The machine features a robust construction, including a heavy-duty bed and headstock, and a precision spindle that can be adjusted for different speeds and feeds. The machine's cross slide and carriage can be moved in different axes to accommodate different workpiece sizes and shapes. The Colchester Bantam 1600 centre lathe also features a range of customizable options, such as different-sized chucks, tool holders, and tailstocks. The machine's tool post can be quickly and easily changed to accommodate different tools, allowing for efficient and accurate machining operations. Other features of the Colchester Bantam 1600 centre lathe include a coolant system to reduce friction and prolong tool life, a digital readout system to provide accurate and consistent results, and a range of programmable options for efficient and repeatable machining operations. Overall, the Colchester Bantam 1600 centre lathe is a reliable and versatile machine suitable for a wide range of machining operations in small to medium workshops, factories, and maintenance operations. Its sturdy construction, precision spindle, and customizable options make it a popular choice for both novice and experienced operators.


ModelBantam 1600 Centre Lathe
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