Fobco Pillar Drill


Fobco Pillar Drill

Brentwood, United Kingdom


Fobco Pillar Drill The Fobco Pillar Drill is a machine used for drilling holes in metal and other materials. It is designed with a vertical column that supports a drilling head, which is driven by a motor to rotate a drill bit at high speeds. The Fobco Pillar Drill features a range of drilling speeds that can be adjusted to suit different materials and drilling applications. The machine is also equipped with a depth stop that allows operators to control the depth of the hole being drilled for increased accuracy and consistency. The Fobco Pillar Drill is a versatile machine that is suitable for a wide range of drilling applications, including precision drilling, hole sawing, and tapping. It is also designed with a large work table that can be adjusted in height and tilt to accommodate different workpiece sizes and shapes. Overall, the Fobco Pillar Drill is a reliable and efficient machine that is ideal for use in metalworking workshops, fabrication facilities, and other industrial settings. It is capable of delivering accurate and consistent results, making it an essential tool for many manufacturing processes.


Stock NumberEP0245